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=== Sergey Prigogin (Google) ===
=== Sergey Prigogin (Google) ===
=== John Dallaway (Code Confidence) ===

Revision as of 08:36, 7 May 2010

Email discussions (February 2010) about the CDT's default debugger integration has led to the fact that it would be nice to switch the default to DSF-GDB for Helios, but that we need to get closer to feature-parity with CDI-GDB.

We also agree that new debugging features are not going to be done for CDI, so it would be good to start building momentum for DSF-GDB so as to get more contributions and get the whole CDT debugging to continue getting more new features. This will also benefit any DSF-based integration as DSF will be given more attention.

A list of DSF-GDB features can be found here.

So, we are attempting to resolve the feature-parity bugs tagged [cdi]. This page documents which bugs are still open and if anyone has offered to tackle them.

Total list of bugs for feature-parity

List of bugs with [cdi] tag that are still open is here

Bugs still to be taken by someone

Parity bugs that seem important

These represent important things that work in CDI-GDB but don't in DSF-GDB. In order for CDT 7.0 to ship with DSF-GDB as the default debugger, most if not all of these should be addressed.

  • Bug 308385 [bp] [cdi] Breakpoints created via the GDB console are not recognized in Eclipse
  • Bug 309704 [bkpt][cdi] DSF-GDB lacks ability to stop on load library events
  • Bug 311118 [launch][cdi] Attach does not work with MinGW gdb 7.0
  • Bug 305385 [debug view][cdi] The pid of the inferior is not set pre-GDB 7.0

Bugs marked major and critical on DSF bugs not part of parity

These bugs are not unique to DSF-GDB but they're very serious issues. A debugger tools vendor looking to adopt CDT might consider these a deal-killer. As such, these should be addressed before minor CDI parity issues. If you think one of these bugs is NOT a major/critical issue, post your justification in the bugzilla report and remove the entry from this page.

  • Bug 250834 [number format detail] IllegalMonitorStateException in the number format detail pane
  • Bug 256311 [number format detail] IllegalMonitorStateException seen occasionally
  • Bug 281970 [launch] DSF launcher configurations mess up run mode launching
  • Bug 308835 Multi-thread debugging in regular stop-mode with gdb 6.8 is not working
  • Bug 231883 [console][cdi] Inferior does not print to console when a PTY is not available

Parity bugs that seem minor

These are things that "work" in CDI-GDB but do not work reliably, are rarely utilized, or simply aren't very serious issues. These will not be given much weight when deciding whether or not DSF-GDB is worthy of replacing CDI-GDB as the default debugger in CDT 7.0.

  • Bug 310129 [cdi] GDB (DSF) Hardware Debugging Launcher ignores startup initialization commands
  • Bug 310274 [cdi] GDB (DSF) ignores interrupted remote debug session
  • Bug 310304 [cdi] GDB (DSF) Hardware Debugging Launcher ignores application program path
  • Bug 310518 [debug view][run control][stack][cdi] When stepping over a long running function stack trace is not shown.
  • Bug 267209 [launch][cdi] Refresh project when launch process terminates
  • Bug 271795 [debug view] [cdi] Inferior should be visible, and shown terminated in post mortem launch
  • Bug 293832 [variables][cdi] wrong display of variable values with GDB DSF
  • Bug 298336 [expressions] [cdi] Expression view flickers when switching between stack frames
  • Bug 306011 [debug view][wp][cdi] Debug view should show old/new value when wp is hit
  • Bug 309032 [mem][cdi] Need APIs to support memory pages (or memory spaces)
  • Bug 249220 [signals][cdi] Add support for the Signals view.
  • Bug 235747 [registers][cdi] Allow user to edit the register groups.

Bugs that have been completed

  • Bug 159955 [source lookup][cdi] nice "source not found" editor
  • Bug 202346 [launch][cdi] Implement launch for post-mortem/core debugging.
  • Bug 202353 [launch][cdi] Add support for options in CDT "debugger" tab.
  • Bug 233230 [run control][cdi] Run to Line action should be supported
  • Bug 249227 [console][cdi] Add support for "verbose" tracing of MI commands in console
  • Bug 282924 [breakpoints][cdi] Breakpoint install marker not handled properly for multiple launches
  • Bug 302629 [breakpoints][cdi] Add support for filtering of breakpoints based on selected debug target in DSF-GDB debugger
  • Bug 302324 [disassembly][runcontrol][cdi] RunToLine operation is not supported in DSF Disassembly view
  • Bug 249162 [run control][cdi] Add support for "Set PC to here" operation.
  • Bug 249165 [run control][cdi] Add support for "Resume at Line" action
  • Bug 274951 [cdi] Add Watch action to C/C++ Editor
  • Bug 300096 [expressions][run control][cdi] "DSF is missing certain debug actions from editor's context menu"
  • Bug 249169 [detail][cdi] Add support for alternative expression evaluation in detail pane.
  • Bug 275238 [debugger][cdi] Pretty print stl gdb and eclipse cdt don't play well
  • Bug 202354 [launch][cdi] Support Environment tab in local launch
  • Bug 248606 [menu][breakpoints][cdi] Add support for toggling watchpoints in the variables and expressions views.
  • Bug 242943 [breakpoints] [cdi] While GDB is running, we cannot make breakpoint commands
  • Bug 280607 [debug view][commands] CLIInfoThreadsInfo parsing tied to LWP
  • Bug 302597 [console][commands][cdi] Handle missing stopped event should be handled better
  • Bug 225996 [run control][debug view][cdi] Threads are listed in reverse order.
  • Bug 219202 [variables][cdi] Variables view should use icons to represent types.
  • Bug 304588 [variables][cdi] Expression service returns wrong number of children for complex structures
  • Bug 249223 [signals][cdi] Add support for "Resume without signal" action.
  • Bug 285907 [launch] Should GdbLaunchDelegate use AbstractCLaunchDelegate?
  • Bug 248593 [launch][cdi] Add a JTAG-specific launch.
  • Bug 248587 [breakpoints][cdi] Support "Event' Breakpoints.
  • Bug 307614 [variables] Variable view may not show local variables with gdb 7.x
  • Bug 308540 [expressions][update policy][cdi] Disabled expressions are still evaluated
  • Bug 269927 [console] [cdi] Allow to save console to a file
  • Bug 248610 [menu][memory][cdi] Add a menu action to open memory view for a given variable.
  • Bug 223154 [console] Application writing a lot to the output deadlock.
  • Bug 308091 [debug view][cdi] Show address in the stack frame's label
  • Bug 274872 [source lookup] Repeated '<unknow>' editor
  • Bug 234426 [source lookup] If a stack frame with no source is selected, an empty editor showing "Debug" in title is brought up.
  • Bug 248627 [debug view] [cdi] Add an option to show full paths for the stack frame source location.
  • Bug 280631 [debug view] Thread list in Debug view not updated with non-Linux target
  • Bug 309234 [debug view][cdi] DSF not as helpful as CDI on SEGV

Bugs people have already said they will work on

Ken Ryall (Nokia)

John Cortell (Freescale)

Randy Rohrbach (Windriver)

  • Bug 207582 [variables][expressions][cdi] In views, chirldren of arrays should be grouped when more than 100

Pawel Piech (Windriver)

  • Bug 219040 [variables][cdi] Variables view should show globals (or should it?)
  • Bug 269101 [variables][cdi] In no-columns mode, it's impossible to change the a variable's value.
  • Bug 159958 [symbols][cdi] Integrate symbols service with CDT modules view.
  • Bug 302628 [breakpoints][cdi] Implement linking of active debug context with selection in Breakpoints view.

Marc-Andre Laperle

Marc Khouzam (Ericsson)

  • Bug 304096 [run control][cdi] Interrupting a Windows target does not always work
  • Bug 248595 [breakpoints][cdi] - Add support pending breakpoints introduced in GDB 6.8.
  • Bug 264895 [console][cdi] Visible console should match debug selection
  • Bug 306555 [variables][expressions][cdi]Add support for cast to type / view as array (IExpressions2)

Andy Jin (QNX)

Navid Mehregani (Texas Instruments)

Ed Swartz (Nokia)

Stephen Chong (Nokia)

People contributing through testing

Anna Dushistova (Mentor Graphics)

Sergey Prigogin (Google)

John Dallaway (Code Confidence)

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