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The org.eclipse.cdt.core.CommandLauncher extension-point was added post-CDT6 (CDT6.1 / CDT7). The functionality was proposed and implemented in bug 279818


Many places in CDT need to run external tools. cdt.core provides a mechanism for contributing such CommandLaunchers and UI is provided for allowing users to configure CommandLaunchers.

CDT.core provides API for discovering and creating CommandLaunchers for an appropriate type of process.


  • processType A type of process we wish to launch e.g. Run-Launch, Debug-Launch, Build. See org.eclipse.cdt.core.CommandLauncherFactory for supported processTypes.
  • CommandLauncher A class extending org.eclipse.cdt.core.CommandLauncher. Provides an #execute(...) method which returns java.lang.Process for a given execution.
  • CommandLauncherDialog A contributed dialog which allows configuring advanced preferences on the CommandLauncher
  • CommandLauncherFactory A factory for creating CommandLaunchers based on the process type currently being launched. Uses user preferences for selecting the appropriate CommandLauncher, and provides utility methods for getting and setting Advanced preferences on the launcher.


Extension Points


The CommandLauncher extension point allows contribution a class which extends org.eclipse.cdt.core.CommandLauncher. See org.eclipse.cdt.internal.core.WrappedCommandLauncer


This extension point

Examples & Tests

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