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CDO Source Installation (short version)

(Includes Net4j Source installation)
See the detailed version if you are less experienced.

Steps to Execute

  • Start your Eclipse IDE with C:\develop\bin\eclipse\eclipse.exe -data C:\develop\ws\cdo
  • Configure a JDK 1.5 of your choice on the Installed JREs preference page
  • Import the bootstrap Team PSF for anonymous users
  • Start the Setup Workspace Ant launch config
  • Set your target platform to C:\develop\ws\cdo\metadata\.target
  • Set your API baseline to C:\develop\ws\cdo\.metadata\.baseline
  • Checkout the sources with /develop.setup/psf/pserver/All.psf

You're finished! Now you should have a complete CDO workspace:

Wikis: CDO | Net4j | EMF | Eclipse

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