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CDO/MongoDB Store

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The CDO MongoDB store is an implementation of a CDO Store that allows to store models and meta models to MongoDB databases.

The current implementation supports all CDO 4.0 features with the following exceptions:

  • NoExternalReferences (hence no meta references)
  • NoQueryXRefs (hence no ensureReferentialIntegrity)
  • NoLargeObjects
  • NoFeatureMaps
  • NoHandleRevisions
  • NoRawAccess (hence no offline support)
  • NoBranching
  • NoCrashRecovery

This document will help users setup their environment and configure CDO to work with MongoDB.


   <store type="mongodb">

<property name="uri" value="mongodb://localhost"/> <property name="db" value="specificDB"/> <property name="drop" value="false"/>


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