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== cdo-server.xml ==
== cdo-server.xml ==
The type identifier of the [[CDO/Server Configuration Reference#Element_store|store configuration]] <code>"mongodb"</code>:
   <store type="mongodb">
   <store type="mongodb">

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The CDO MongoDB store is an implementation of a CDO Store that allows to store models and meta models to MongoDB databases.

The current implementation supports all CDO 4.0 features with the following exceptions:

  • NoExternalReferences (hence no meta references)
  • NoQueryXRefs (hence no ensureReferentialIntegrity)
  • NoLargeObjects
  • NoFeatureMaps
  • NoHandleRevisions
  • NoRawAccess (hence no offline support)
  • NoBranching
  • NoCrashRecovery

This document will help users setup their environment and configure CDO to work with MongoDB.


The type identifier of the store configuration "mongodb":

 <store type="mongodb">
   <property name="uri" value="mongodb://localhost"/>
   <property name="db" value="specificDB"/>
   <property name="drop" value="false"/>

The "db" property is optional. If omitted, the repository name is used as MongoDB database name.

The "drop" property is optional. If the value is "true" the MongoDB database is dropped before the store is activated.

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