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Building the Higgins I-Card Manager Service

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General CVS Information

Connection Type Committers  :extssh:
Anonymous access  :pserver:
Repository Path /cvsroot/technology

I-Card Manager Projects

Main I-Card Manager project is

Project Module Location Eclipse PSF ViewCVS
I-Card Manager org.eclipse.higgins/app/org.eclipse.higgins.icm2 anonymous viewcvs

Build Instructions

ICard Manager is built using the Maven software project management tool. Follow these instructions to build ICard Manager from sources.

  • Building within Eclipse IDE:
    • Install m2eclipse plugin for Eclipse IDE
    • Import project org.eclipse.higgins.icm2 from CVS repository at into Eclipse workspace
    • Configure WS client in ${basedir}/icm-ws/src/main/conf/jaxrpc-rpps-client-config.xml file. It is needed to replace the WSDL location with the actual URL.
    • Add Maven build configuration (Project->Properties->Builders->New->m2 build)
      • Type build configuration name
      • Choose base directory
      • Add goals "clean install"
      • Add "settings.localRepository" variable (Variables...->Edit variable->New)
      • Set value of "settings.localRepository" variable to maven repositary ($user.home/.m2/repositary)
      • Add parameter name "settings.localRepository" and value "${settings.localRepository}"
    • Run build (Run->External Tools->configuration name)
    • Deploy ${basedir}/icm-web/target/icm.war
  • Build from command-line:
    • Install Maven
    • Check out project org.eclipse.higgins.icm2 from CVS repository at
    • Configure RPPS client in file ${basedir}/icm-ws/src/main/conf/jaxrpc-rpps-client-config.xml
    • Run command: mvn clean install
    • Deploy $basedir/icm-web/target/icm.war

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