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Building I-Card Manager Application

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Exporting I-Card Manager application as a Web Archive (WAR) file

A Web archive (WAR) file is a packaged Web application that can be exported to test, publish, and deploy the resources developed within a Web project.

To export a WAR file from a Web project, do the following:

  • Right click on a Web project folder and select Export from the pop-up menu. Then select WAR file in the Export window and then select Next.
  • Specify the Web project you want to export (this field is primed if you used the pop-up menu to open the wizard), and specify a location for the new WAR file
  • Optional: Optionally, supply WAR export Options, such as whether or not to include Java™ source files in the WAR, and whether to overwrite any existing resources during the export process. Source files are not usually included in a WAR file, because they are not necessary for the server to run the web application.
  • Click Finish.

Note: The Eclipse Web Tools Platform should be installed. More about WTP.

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