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Building C/C++ at Eclipse

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Projects can currently build C and C++ code on the following platforms:

Linux x86_64

Using Hudson (HIPP)

Projects can request their own instance of Hudson (called HIPP) which operates within the security context of their project (meaning the Hudson instance can OPTIONALLY write to the project's Git repos and downloads area for easy build artifact publishing.)

The tools available are:

  • Hudson 3.0.1-b2
  • make, cc, gcc, as typically found on modern Linux systems
  • bash, sh, tsh, as typically found on modern Linux systems
  • most other associated build tools available on Linux systems

Example: the TCF project operates a HIPP instance, and has a Linux agent build job which invokes 'cc'. The latest build log is available here, which demonstrates the usage of Hudson invoking a shell script, which invokes make and cc:


Committers with SSH access can use the shell service on It is a server running SuSE Linux Entreprise 11 with a host of C/C++ build tools, such amake, cc and gcc.

Windows x86_64

There are plans to deploy Windows HIPP (Hudson) slaves. The current plan is to deploy a dedicated Virtual Machine for each project, running:

- one Windows flavour (likely Windows 7 Professional) - MS Visual Studio - PowerShell

We are still in the early stages of planning, and requirements gathering is happening in this bug:

Mac OS X

We do not have requirements for building C/C++ code on Mac. Please file a bug against Eclipse Foundation/Community/Hudson.

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