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Buckminster Wiki contributions

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Using Categories

Below are some brief guidelines with regard to adding categories to new Buckminster Wiki pages. Some basic rules:

  • Always add the Category:Buckminster. Pages without categories are bound to "disappear".
  • Add as many categories to a page as you think are appropriate.
  • Use a structured approach when defining new categories. Specifically, category names should work like a path. For example:

Buckminster Category

Place all Buckminster cateagories in the Category:Buckminster Category

List of existing and proposed categories

And there is one special category which you should use if you want to archive a page. Instead of removing it you should remove all categories on the page and add:

Furthermore, you may consider to include categories from other projects that will allow users interested in say Birt to find BIRT and Buckminster.

Typically, a document will be associated with multiple categories. A page describing the usage of the Buckminster CSPEC editor would for example fit the following categories: Category:Buckminster, Category:Buckminster UI, Category:Buckminster Artifacts CSPEC and possibly Category:Buckminster Tutorials

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