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Buckminster Maven BIRT 20061017

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Meeting minutes (collected separate by John and Thomas and then merged by Thomas)

Current Status

BIRT Progress

  • Xiaoying did a Buckminster evaluation. Some issues
    • Wiki is too complicated for newbies.
      • Need step-by-step instructions
      • Getting started guide with examples
    • Questions and answers
      • Q. Where are the compile logs
      • A. Depends on where the build is performed
        • within IDE :: it's the Problems view
        • headless :: printed to stdout or stderr
      • Q. Export part is unclear
      • A. Like PDE build but instead invoking cspec actions
        • Can be done from within the IDE by right-clicking a project, then Buckminster -> Invoke Action -> export.feature.
        • In headless mode --> invoking buckminster perform xyz.export.feature
      • Q. Will javadoc force a cspec extension to all plugins?
      • A. Not necessarily. We could add automatic generation to Buckminster
      • Q. How start again from failure point when one step in a large build fails?
      • A. Would need to record the state of the build and pickup where left off...this is new feature, theoretical. can discuss.
      • Q. Update site: does bucky export as an update site using pack200?
      • A. Not out of the box, but we should be able to reuse existing BIRT script snippets to do this. The same is true for many of the different packaging options that exists for BIRT.
      • Q. Support for build notifications: does bucky support this?
      • A. No notifications yet. can probably reuse existing BIRT snippets, but nothing built-in yet

More soon...

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