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Bndtools Support for Remote Services Development

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As part of the ECF Photon Release (6/2018), support was added for developing and testing Remote Services with Bndtools 3.5+. This support includes a bndtools workspace, configured to include repositories that have ECF's RSA implementation and all dependencies, along with several of the ECF Distribution Providers.

Requirements: Eclipse Photon.0+, Bndtools 4.0+

Add the ECF Bndtools Workspace Template

In Eclipse, select from menu: Workspace->Preferences->Bndtools->Workspace Templates


Under Github Repositories select the green plus on the right to add a new repository.

Repository Name: ECF/bndtools.workspace

Branch: default branch or minimal for the minimal set of workspace templates

Then select the Validate button, Save and Apply and Close.

Create a Remote Services Bndtools Workspace

In Eclipse, select from menu: File->New->Other...->Bndtools->Bnd OSGi Workspace

In the Setup Bnd Workspace, change the Location' default if desired and choose Next. Under Select Template->GitHub select the ECF/bndtools.workspace item, Next->Finish. This will result in a single project named cnf in the workspace.

See Using the Bndtools Remote Services Project Templates to create and launch remote services projects within this workspace.

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