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Babel / Message Bundle Editor

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Babel Resource Bundle Editor

The Eclipse Babel Resource Bundle Editor is a plug-in that helps developers edit Java resource bundles. It allows developers to manage all localized properties files in one screen. Some features: sorted keys, warning icons on missing keys/values, conversion to/from Unicode, hierarchical view of keys, more...

Getting Started

Because readers will more likely be familiar with the Eclipse IDE than with any other single RCP application, the Eclipse IDE is used as the example target application in these steps. However, these steps can be applied to any RCP application.

1. Install org.eclipse.babel.rbe_1.0.0.jar into your Eclipse IDE installation. This plug-in is currently available only by checking out the project source from CVS. It can be found at, org.eclipse.babel/plugins/org.eclipse.babel.rbe.

2. Find a resource properties file from one of your projects. Open the editor on that file. Note that all the localized versions of the file are treated as one resource and will open the same editor to edit them all.

Future Work

A contribution has been made to Babel by Stefan Muecke of an alternative plug-in. This plug-in takes a different approach, showing all messages on a project wide basis. The plan is to merge the best parts so providing a single editor.

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