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BaSyx / Submodels

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On this page, we collect sub models. The page is not yet linked from the wiki.

Platform resources submodel

Control Component Type

  • Short description: Collects information of a control component type, e.g. semantic descripton of operation modes, profile, link to capabilities, error codes
  • in AP4, "Orchestration and Control Component Submodel Telko"
  • responsible: Julian Grothoff(RWTH), Michael Thies(RWTH)
  • involved (alphabetical order): Sten Grüner(ABB), Tobias Klausmann(Lenze), Daniel Porta(DFKI), Gerhard Schaller (ZF), Tarik Terzimehic (fortiss), Constantin Ziesche (Bosch)
  • Link to deliverable and workspace

Control Component Instance

  • Short description: Collects information on control component instances, e.g. endpoints, available or disabled states or modes, configuration
  • See #Control Component Type for organizational information

Control Component Interface

  • Short description: Shows the current states and offers operations to manipulate them according to operations interface specification. Can be realised as proxy to an existing control component or as an implementation of the control component itself.
  • See #Control Component Type for organizational information

Control Component Services

  • Naming is in discussion, maybe "macros" or "high level service" is more suitable
  • Short description: Offers a highlevel interface with services or macros, that are often used or helpfull for specific use cases like maintenance, e.g. "occupy --> select operation mode --> start --> wait to complete" sequence.
  • See #Control Component Type for organizational information

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