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BaSyx / Research / Capability Modeling Ontology

In the project BaSys 4.0 a proof-of-concept implementation of an ontology-based capability model was developed and successfully used in the project-wide final demonstrator. The advantages of an ontology-based model compared to semantically less expressive approaches are manifold: logical inferencing of capability relations, e.g., in the context of an automated capability check, mapping of existing ontologies and hence integration of background knowledge, or the representation in an open, standardized format to exchange statements about capabilities across systems. Another advantage is that ontologies allow for importing and extending other ontologies, which enables a modular design of the knowledge base. In the context of a capability model across systems this modular design is essential in order to allow for application- or domain-specific extensions of the capability model. To this end, generic capabilities could be globally authored, while domain or even provider-specific capabilities could be extended by the respective application and component experts.

This File:2020-02-28 BaSys42 D-2.1.C4I Ontology Model.pdf describes a modular extension concept based on the BaSys 4.0 capability ontology using the import mechanism for ontologies. To this end, an upper-level ontology defining a capability meta-model is presented, along with examples for domain- and project-specific extensions. Apart from this, a mapping to the well-known Semantic Sensor Network Ontology (SSN) and to the DOLCE Ultralite (DUL) upper-level ontology is presented, illustrating the embedding of the capability ontology within the established ontology landscape of the Semantic Web. Furthermore, the document presents the potential of automatic reasoning based on the ontology model's underlying Description Logics in the context of capability modelling.

The following four ontology models contained in are part of this deliverable:

  • c4i.owl (upper-level capability ontology containing the meta model)
  • c412ssn.owl (mapping to the SSN ontology)
  • robots.owl (robot domain ontology, exemplary)
  • basysCap.owl (BaSys domain ontology, exemplary)

The file vdi2860.owl is not published here due to copyright of the VDI 2860 guideline

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