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BaSyx / Introductory Examples

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In the following, for each SDK introductory examples showcasing the different concepts in the respective SDK are defined and explained.


The goal of the following examples is, to introduce core concepts and the respective infrastructure components of the Java SDK. These are:

  1. Virtual Automation Bus
  2. Control Components
  3. Asset Administration Shell

The examples require a succesful installation of the SDK and the components.

There are currently 5 examples, each building upon the previous one. In the end, there will be a control and data access of an oven using Asset Administration Shells and Control Components.

  • Example 1 - Creating the oven model and using it with the VAB
  • Example 2 - Providing the model via HTTP/REST and using the Registry
  • Example 3 - Using a Control Component for unified service interfacing
  • Example 4 - Creating the AAS, registering it and exploring the HTTP-REST interface
  • Example 5 - Accesing the remote AAS through the SDK

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