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Registry Component

The Registry is a central component to the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) infrastructure for looking up available AAS and their contained submodels. Hence, it is realized as a separate component that can also be containerized. Currently, there exists a single Registry component that can be configured to utilize different types of backends.


The registry image is made available via Docker Hub and can be pulled by:

docker pull eclipsebasyx/aas-registry:1.5.1

Alternatively, the command described in Startup section will download the image.


To easily start the registry component, you can use the following command:

docker run --name=registry -p 8082:4000 eclipsebasyx/aas-registry:1.5.1

Next, the HTTP/REST endpoint of the Registry is accessible via


If no AAS/SM is registered, an empty JSON list "[]" will be returned.

And the container can be stopped, started and removed using its name (see --name):

docker stop registry
docker start registry
docker rm registry

Context Configuration

As with the other components, the registry's context can be customized using the context configuration.

AAS Registry Configuration

For the AAS Registry component, a multitude of features can be configured via the file. By default, this configuration file is assumed to be located at "/usr/share/config/" within the container.

Thus, another configuration file can be set by mounting a local configuration file into the container during startup. As an example, a local folder containing the configuration files can be mounted using:

docker run --name=registry -p 8082:4000 -v C:/tmp:/usr/share/config eclipsebasyx/aas-registry:1.5.1

In this example, the file is located in C:/tmp/

The features of the AAS Registry component are documented on their own page: Features

Java Implementation

Within the project, the component can be found in the Java repository at Java. In this project, the executable can take the parameter BASYX_REGISTRY to configure the path of the registry configuration file. For example, you can specify the path of the registry configuration file via

java -jar -DBASYX_REGISTRY="C:/tmp/" registry.jar

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