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BaSyx / Developer / Extensions / Eventing

MqttAASAggregator (Implements IAASAggregator)

Package: org.eclipse.basyx.extensions.aas.aggregator.mqtt

Events list:

Method Name Topic Name Payload
createAAS(AssetAdministrationShell aas) BaSyxAggregator_createdAAS $AASId
updateAAS(AssetAdministrationShell aas) BaSyxAggregator_updatedAAS $AASId
deleteAAS(IIdentifier aasId) BaSyxAggregator_deletedAAS $AASId

MqttAASRegistryService (Implements IAASRegistryService)

Package: org.eclipse.basyx.extensions.aas.registration.mqtt

Events list:

Method Name Topic Name Payload
register(AASDescriptor deviceAASDescriptor) BaSyxRegistry_registeredAAS $AASId
register(IIdentifier aas, SubmodelDescriptor smDescriptor) BaSyxRegistry_registeredSubmodel ($AASId,$SMId)
delete(IIdentifier aasId) BaSyxRegistry_deletedAAS $AASId
delete(IIdentifier aasId, IIdentifier smId) BaSyxRegistry_deletedSubmodel ($AASId,$SMId)

MqttSubmodelAPI (Implements ISubmodelAPI)


Events list:

Method Name Topic Name Payload
MqttSubmodelAPI(ISubmodelAPI observedAPI, String serverEndpoint, String clientId) BaSyxSubmodel_createdSubmodel $SMId
MqttSubmodelAPI(ISubmodelAPI observedAPI, String serverEndpoint, String clientId, String user, char[] pw) BaSyxSubmodel_createdSubmodel $SMId
MqttSubmodelAPI(ISubmodelAPI observedAPI, MqttClient client) BaSyxSubmodel_createdSubmodel $SMId
addSubmodelElement(ISubmodelElement elem) BaSyxSubmodel_addedSubmodelElement ($AASId, $SMId , $ElementId)
addSubmodelElement(String idShortPath, ISubmodelElement elem) BaSyxSubmodel_addedSubmodelElement ($AASId, $SMId , $ElementIdShortPath)
deleteSubmodelElement(String idShortPath) BaSyxSubmodel_removedSubmodelElement ($AASId, $SMId , $ElementIdShortPath)
updateSubmodelElement(String idShortPath, Object newValue) BaSyxSubmodel_updatedSubmodelElement ($AASId, $SMId , $ElementIdShortPath)

In MqttSubmodelAPI, the event propagation only works if the class variable useWhiteList is true or only for whitelisted Submodel IdShort. The class has a class variable- Set<String> whitelist which maintains the whitelisted submodel IdShort.

In Every Class:

$AASId = Id of the Identifier of AAS

$SMId = Id of the Identifier of Submodel

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