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===Specification Document(s)===
===Specification Document(s)===
* [ Bugzilla 264297]
* [ UI Design Proposal]
===Related Bugzilla Entries===
===Related Bugzilla Entries===
* [ Bugzilla 206104]
* [ Bugzilla 206104]

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Planned for BIRT 2.5

Specification Lead

  • Linda Chan (Actuate Corporation)

Interested Parties

  • BIRT Data Explorer - Mingxia Wu (Actuate Corporation)
  • BIRT UI Design Proposal - Boonboon Chanchoke (Actuate Corporation)


This project aims at improving the usability of the data access capabilities of BIRT. It focus on the UI support to externalize an existing local data source in a report design to a connection profile for use in deployment.

Capability List

  • Allows user to externalize a local data source properties to a connection profile in the Data Source Explorer
  • Allows user to optionally perform export only and do not change the local data source design to use the exported connection profile
  • Allows user to optionally create a connection profile store file for selected connection profile instances

Specification Document(s)

Related Bugzilla Entries

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