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===Specification Document(s)===
===Specification Document(s)===
* [ BIRT Script Function Extension Doc]
* [ BIRT Script Function Extension Doc]
* [ Example Implementation]
* [ Example Implementation]
===Related Bugzilla Entries===
===Related Bugzilla Entries===

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BIRT Script Function Extension Point

Provide users means of creating and using custom java script functions at design and runtime. Those script functions are defined in standalone eclipse plugins.



Specification Lead

Lin Zhu

Interested Parties

Scott Rosenbaum, Malcolm Davis


In the past developers could exploit the aggregate extension point to extend BIRT Scripting functionality. Unfortunately this only applied to aggregate functions. This extension point will allow users to build their own BirtScript functions that can be added as extension points. The extension points can then be shared and re-used by developers with a minimal amount of energy.

Capability List

  • User builds a JavaScript function using Java
  • Code is shared as a plugin
  • Code is exposed through all standard BIRT script UI
    • Including Expression Builders
    • Script Editors

Specification Document(s)

Related Bugzilla Entries

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