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This section of the BIRT Wiki contains a description of proposed functionality for future releases. The contents are organized by major projects. Each project is assigned a BIRT Project Specification (BPS) number and a name. Each BPS may have one or more features associated with it and may resolve one or more Bugzilla requests from the community.

A short, requirement-level description is given for each BPS, followed by a link to one or more pdf documents that describe the behavior of the proposed functionality in detail.

If you are interested in proposing another project that does not appear on the list, please send your suggestions to the BIRT PMC.

Help us make BIRT the best it can be by providing feedback early and often!

BPS prior to BIRT 2.5

BPS for 2.5

  • BPS 1127 : Add support for page aggregates
  • BPS 1131 : General designer usability improvements including extension point for custom Report Templates
  • BPS 1133 : Enable developers to control chart output when dataset is empty
  • BPS 1134 : Create a connection profile from an existing data source
  • BPS 1135 : Enable use of expressions as default parameter values
  • BPS 1137 : Support multiple drill down hyperlinks in charts
  • BPS Template: Template for BPS Docs (please use when creating new BPS docs)

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