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BIRT and Buckminster

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BIRT build system implemented with Buckminster


One of the actions that was agreed on the Europa Build Workshop was to enable a build system for the BIRT project based on Buckminster. Important functionality will be provided through a tight integration between Buckminster and the Maven project.

First steps

This project is ment to be staffed by people from the BIRT project with good help from the Buckminster project.


  • September 26, 2006
    • Thomas Hallgren: Created initial CQUERY and RMAP. This version will download the birt and datatools artifacts from their respective CVS. The rest is picked form the Callisto Update Site.
      • Project uses artifacts that must be fetched from remote sources (such as the itext.jar). A CSPEX with a prebind action that copies this from IBiblio should solve that. Question. Can itext be upgraded from 1.3 to 1.4? I can't find the former att IBiblio.
      • Fetching datatools from CVS and using Callisto is of course only temporary.
    • Proposed additions to Buckminster on the buckminster-dev newsgroup that will allow non-intrusive additions of project artifacts. Without it, everyone working on this prototype will need committer access to the BIRT project.

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