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Teleconference on Integrating Axis2 into WTP - Nov 9, 2006


  • Chris Brealey <>
  • Kathy Chan <>
  • Lahiru Sandakith <>
  • Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
  • David M Williams <>
  • other participants from WSO2 <>


  • <Chris> Welcome participants from WSO2.
  • <David> Got PMC approval for working on integrating Axis2 into WTP.
  • <Chris> Filed an Eclipse Contribution Questionnaire to prepare for what we expect to

be a "significant" contribution from Lahiru et al as explained in the "Committer Due Diligence Guidelines <>".

  • <Chris> Filed another quesionnaire to get approval for contributing what, from

Eclipse's perspective, is Apache Axis 2 "third party" open source materials to the Eclipse WTP platform.

  • <Lahiru> This is the list of minimum jars that we will be most likely to be

including if we do WSDL/Java/XML code generation and service archive related things.

activation-1.1.jar        - COMMON DEVELOPMENT AND DISTRIBUTION LICENSE (CDDL) Version 1.0
annogen-0.1.0.jar         - Apache License Version 2.0
axiom-api-SNAPSHOT.jar    - Apache License Version 2.0
axiom-dom-SNAPSHOT.jar    - Apache License Version 2.0
axiom-impl-SNAPSHOT.jar   - Apache License Version 2.0
axis2-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar    - Apache License Version 2.0
commons-logging-1.1.jar   - Apache License Version 2.0
neethi-SNAPSHOT.jar       - Apache License Version 2.0
stax-api-1.0.1.jar        - Apache License Version 2.0
woden-1.0.0M6.jar         - Apache License Version 2.0
wsdl4j-1.6.1.jar          - Apache License Version 2.0
wstx-asl-3.0.1.jar        - Apache License Version 2.0
xbean-2.2.0.jar           - Apache License Version 2.0
XmlSchema-SNAPSHOT.jar    - Apache License Version 2.0
  • <Chris> Need to get RFE open for requirements and design.
  • <Chris> One such requirement is to support multiple versions of Axis2 runtime. The idea is to let the user plug in different Axis2 runtime rather than locking them into a particular release.
  • <Lahiru> Axis2 v1.1 will be release next week.
  • <Lahiru> Current Axis2 Eclipse plugin runs on Eclipse 3.1 and up.
  • Agreed on the need for on-going teleconference. Tentatively set to every other week on Thursday 10 to 11 EST.

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