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Axis2 Integration meeting - Feb 28, 2007

Teleconference on Axis2 Integration into WTP - Feb 28, 2007


  • Kathy Chan
  • Lahiru Sandakith


  • Progress on the RFEs:
    • LS: Got through the classloading problem with common-logging but running into problem with wsdl4j. See RFE 168765.
    • KC: Rather than using reflection, there might be another alternative to copy the user-specified Axis JARs into an org.apache.axis2 plugin and have the Axis2 emitter available statically for the other Axis2 plugins. I'll send a note to Chris and David to check if the alternative is doable or prefered.
  • Driver for EclipseCon demo next week.
    • LS: For EclipseCon demo purpose, I've uploaded the 02/16 code before switching over to reflection.
    • KC: I've just tried it but saw a number of issues with the 02/16 code which had been fixed in the 02/21 driver.
    • LS: Will work on that and get a stable driver today.
  • Schedule for other M6 RFEs (168937, 168938, 168939)
    • LS: Will address those after the current hurdle with calling Axis2 emitters.
  • Outstanding Axis2 RFEs and defects
  • Conference call schedule.
    • LS: Proposing to move the meeting from Thursday because of schedule conflict.
    • KC: I'll check with Chris and David. If they are OK, I'll send out a note to move the meeting to Wednesday instead of Thursday. Next teleconference tentatively scheduled for March 14, 9:00 EST.

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