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Axis2 Integration meeting - Dec 11, 2006

Teleconference on Axis2 Integration into WTP - Dec 11, 2006


  • Chris Brealey <>
  • Kathy Chan <>
  • Lahiru Sandakith <>
  • David Williams <>


  • KC: Reviewed the two documents on contributing Web serivces runtime? Contributing Web services runtime and Contributing Web services runtime with UI
    • LS: Yes. Documents are very useful. Started integrating. Ran into a few questions. Will send in an emal.
    • KC: We can use email or schedule some time on Yahoo instant messaging to work thru issues.
  • KC: Any followup questions on use cases discussed last time? Any updates?
    • LS: Please clarify the last item in the use cases document re. exploring WS in the Project Explorer.
    • KC: Currently, the "JSR 109 Web services" branch shows only JSR-109 Web services. We should generalize it to show Axis 2 (and other kinds of) Web services too.
  • Discuss additional use cases besides the one covered in Use cases for Axis2 Integration in WTP, including potential for inclusion in WTP 2.0 vs. a later release.
    • Discovery and testing of Axis2 Web services via the WSE.
      • KC: It's for the WSE to find Axis2 Web services under the Axis2 Web service category.
      • CB: Explained Web services finder framework. Will add documentation to Kathy's API doc.
    • Provision of sample JSPs for Axis2 clients.
      • KC: Current sample JSP generator supports JAX-RPC value types.
      • LS: Axis2 has its own data binding (ADB - Axis Data binding)
      • CB: Depending on its proximity to JAX-RPC value classes etc., we may either...
        • Tweak existing JSP generator to handle Axis2.
        • Create a new generator.
      • CB: This item is not so critical, since we have the WSE, and the possibility of Axis2 JUnit (next item).
    • Provision of an Axis2 JUnit generation test facility.
      • LS: Axis2 supports this. We might be able to wire this as a new test facility option into the tools.
      • KC: Can add Axis2 JUnit as another Web servcie test extension that can be picked when the user use the Web service wizards.
    • Support for WSDL 2.0.
      • LS: WSDL 2.0 support is under development. Lots of work. Current support in Axis2 1.1 is "experimental".
      • LS: Axis 1.2 will have much better support for WSDL 2.0. ETA in a couple months.
      • CB: We could provide a WSDL 1.1 vs. 2.0 preferences, however, rest of Eclipse tools (WSDL Editor, WSDL validator) won't understand WSDL 2.0 in WTP 2.0.
    • AAR import.
      • KC: Need to import AAR from outside of workspace. The reverse of AAR export.
      • CB: AAR should be in exploded form in the workspace. Once it's imported, the result should be the same as if the Web service had been created right in the workspace.
      • KC: New Web services can be added to imported AAR.
      • LS: Should we have a validator for services.xml files?
      • CB: We can provide Schema based validation, if a Schema exists or can be developed.
      • LS: A more advanced semantic validator exists in WSO2.
      • KC: Perhaps this could be contributed to WTP?
      • LS: Will discuss with Sanjiva.
    • Handler configuration.
      • LS: Wizard based approach from JSR-109 is good.
      • LS: Editing services.xml is more tedious to the user.
      • LS: Workload on WTP 2.0 could be a problem.
      • CB: Could be wizard based (like current JSR-109 handler configuration wizard) or in the form of services.xml validator.
    • QoS (Quality of Service) functionalities that can be added to enhance a service, such as WS Policy, WS Security and WS Reliable Messaging.
      • LS: Eventually need to provide tools to add and configure QoS to services.
      • LS: For WTP 2.0 we will integrate Axis2 on time first, then think about QoS.
      • CB: We should make it a goal to have the Axis2 tools (eg. around the emitters and wizard flows) extensible for the subsequent (post WTP 2.0) plugging-in of support for modules, eg. Sandesha, Kandula2, Rampart, JAX-WS.
    • JAX-WS module support.
      • CB: As above for QoS.
  • Schedule:
    • Deliverables for WTP 2.0 M4 2006.12.22 (nee 2007.01.04) - Propose RFEs.
      • Complete Use Cases.
      • Complete Requirements.
    • Deliverables for WTP 2.0 M5 2007.02.23 - ~80% RFE / API complete.
    • CB: We will translate these use cases into tools requirements
    • LS: We'll stablish sizings.
    • Requirements and sizings to be complete by next meeting (Dec 21)
  • Participation in EclipseCon 2007.
    • LS: I need to discuss with Sanjiva the possibility of attending.
    • KC: Demo and short talk deadline is Jan 15.
    • LS: Will look into proposing Axis2 demo.
  • Legal - these two IPZillas had been opened for Axis2 contribution
    • 1052 - For clearance to include Apache Axis2 1.1 binaries in Eclipse WTP.
    • 1089 - For clearance for Lahiru to submit significant new EPL code to Eclipse WTP.
  • CB: Code contributions should be in Eclipse bugzilla patches.

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