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Automotive PMC Telco (Mar, 17th 2021)


  • Beaton, Wayne (Eclipse)
  • Behrisch, Michael (DLR)
  • Hilbrich, Robert (DLR)
  • Krawczyk, Lukas (FH Dortmund)
  • Mackamul, Harald (Bosch)
  • Resheim, Torkild
  • Riexinger, Andreas (Bosch)
  • Wittek, Angelika

PMC tasks

  • All communication through the list
  • IP needs to be approved
    • not a license / header check rather content
    • answer +1 on the mailing list
  • Releases need to be approved
    • as above
    • is there a description
    • answer +1 on the mailing list
  • Committer elections
    • Links get sent to the mailing list
    • Merit statements should be there
  • Wayne sends a link to the relevant handbook page
  • We decide ourselves how we handle "conflicts of interest" (project members / leads who are also PMC memebers)
    • currently everyone is able to give +1 to his/her own requests

Further administrative topics

  • There is a Zoom room for Automotive
    • Andy and Angelika have / share credentials
  • Currently only Harald on the list of Who's involved
    • Wayne takes care
  • PMC is in effect now
    • Harald sends goodbye to technology
    • Andy talks to Sphinx, Kuksa so that they send goodbye to their former top level projects
  • until further notice Wiki will be used for minutes
    • Work together during the meeting in a google document
    • Then copy to the Wiki
  • Project Website will be set up
    • Wayne does it and Harald makes us committers there
  • PMC election
    • everyone can retire
    • new members should get an election on the mailing list
    • Needs approval of board director
    • we will ask on the all-dev meeting whether more people / projects want to get into the PMC

Next meetings

  • we don't decide on a schedule yet
  • next meeting 14th April 16:00
    • round of introductions then
    • we decide when to have an all-dev meeting (send invitations to all dev lists of participating projects)

Infrastructure support on European business hours

  • Webmaster for Europe is already there. Working process is still the same, mail to
  • The hole in the process which resulted in the loss of access rights during the tranfer to the new TLP has been fixed

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