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Auto IWG WP5

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WP5: Eclipse Qualification Process Support

This is work package 5 of the Automotive Industry Working Group.

  • WP Lead: Virtual Vehicle (M. Driussi)
  • Roadmap Lead: Validas AG (O. Slotosch)


Main Saftey standards (ISO 26262, EN 50128, DO 178C, DO 278A, DO-330, IEC 61508) require tool qualification. WP5 of Automotive Industrial working group has set itself the goal to work on this topic for Eclipse. The goal is not to qualify Eclipse but to enable tool developers using Eclispe as a plattform to develop qualifyable plugins.

We have identified the DO-330 as first, domain independant tool qualification standard that satisfies the requirements of the main safety standards and hence we use the DO-330 as baseline for tool qualification.

We have specified a roadmap to provide an infrastructure that support the develment of qualifyable Eclipse plugins by gathering all relevant qualification information (from requirements to tests) in the tool qualification model.

Currently we are working step by step to implement the roadmap, starting with the support of the lowest (TQL-5) level and using qualification support tools from Validas for case studies until the integrated Eclipse tool support is in place.

With this step by step approach there is no need start with development of big infrastructure, but it enables us to qualify Eclipse tools now. See the presentation in Ludwigsburg for more details.

Meetings and Activities

Kick off Meeting 07.03.2012. The meeting protocol can be found here [1]

Webex session every two weeks on Wednesday 13 to 15 pm. Next Webex Meeting 22.08.2012 13p.m. (invitation is coming via email)

A List of past Minutes of Meeting

Next Steps

We are on the road towards tool qualification towards Eclipse. The following steps are the nexts. You are invited to join us.

  • Finalization of the concept (Review against DO-330, Tracing and Réview against ISO-26262)
  • Qualification of important Eclipse-based tools
  • Demonstration of the concept (prototype) for non-Eclipse-based developments
  • Collection of ressources for the QPP project to integarte the model into Eclipse

All interested parties are invited to participate. Commitment on WP5 telco or webex meeting.

Qualification Roadmap

See for an overview (as presented on on 23rd of may 2012 on the IWG Meeting in Toulouse) On the Eclipse Day in Toulouse (24th of May 2012), Oscar Slotosch presented an overview on the roadmap and the curent status.

  • WP5.1 Definition of Goals & Requirements
  • WP5.2 Elaborate Proposal
  • WP5.3 Demonstrate Proposal
  • WP5.4 Implement Proposal (extend Eclipse Pluging Framework within an Eclipse Project)
  • WP5.5 Qualify any plugin that requires qualification

In WP5.1 we decided to use the DO-330 as basis for qualification of Eclipse-based tools, since it fits to the ISO 26262 but also to other standards like the DO-178C,.. We are checking especially if the ISO 26262 requires less than DO-330.

We propose to extend the Eclipse plugin mechanism to additional data that contains all required information for qualification of the plugin. By building a formal (EMF) model for this data we can automate many steps during the development and qualification process like: Determination of the tool confidence level, determination of the qualification state, verification of syntactical consistency and completeness and generation of requried documents from the requirements specification until the test report with MC/DC coverage of the code. Furthermore we create generic documents that ensure the DO-330 compliance of the process Like "How-To Qualify Eclipse-Based Tools", "Tool Development Plan", "Tool Verification Plan",...

The concept has been elaborated within several steps and covers now all aspects of the DO-330. Since the presentations are extended, it suffices to read the latest.

The conecpt is described with in the following three documents (and the model):

  • HowTo Qualify Exclipse-based Tools
  • Tool Development Plan for Every Qualifiable Eclipse Plugin
  • Tool Verification Plan for Every Qualifiable Eclipse Plugin
  • The DO-330 model (EMF)

An overview of the concept has been published at the openCert 2012 conference, see and

Is ready now with a complete coverage of DO-330. It can be used for demonstration and will be improved. It is waiting for an offical DO-330 compliance review before it shall be used in official projects. For ISO 26262 either a separate compliance tracing and review would be necessary, or an agreement on the mapping of TCL and ASIL to TQLs.

We (Validas, BMW-CarIT, Virtual Vehicle) are currently working on a small demonstration of the process.

The demonstration shall develop a transition criteria checker tool for the DO-330 to determine the qualification state of a tool based on the DO-330 qualification model of the concept. The plan with functions, milestones etc. can be found at

We will synchronize within the WP5 telcos on next steps and report progress (effort & milestones).

Business Model:

Tool qualification needs a business model and we think that it should be open for every user of eclipse to use and to provide tool qualification kits for Eclipse. Currently we are discussing this the idea of pay per qualification as

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