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Auto IWG F2F 2013 Oct


28th Oct. 2013. Planned start: 10:00. Planned finish: 17:00

Where: Forum am Schlosspark Stuttgarter Straße 33, 71638 Ludwigsburg, Germany

Planned Participants:

  • Harald Mackamul (BOSCH)
  • Christoph Hammel (BOSCH)
  • Christian Schenk (BOSCH)
  • Karlheinz Topp (BOSCH) - afternoon session
  • Ignacio Garro (Continental)
  • Robert Kiss (Continental) - afternoon session
  • Stephan Eberle (itemis)
  • Klaus Birken (itemis)
  • Maximiliam Kögel (Eclipse Source)
  • Martin Hobelsberger (Timing Architects)
  • Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser Lars (ETAS)
  • Oscar Slotosch (Validas AG)
  • Michael Drescher (Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH)
  • Gereon Weiss (Fraunhofer Institute for Embedded Systems and Communication Technologies ESK)
  • Benjamin Kamphausen (Fraunhofer Institute for Embedded Systems and Communication Technologies ESK)
  • Mario Driussi (Das Virtuelle Fahrzeug)

Current planned Agenda:

  • 10:00 Welcome and introduction
  • 10:15 Track progress of the Working Packages Auto_IWG#Work_Packages
    • Please WP owners be prepared with your updates
      • WP1: Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser
        • Document the update from 3.7 to 3.8.2 in the 3.x platform
        • Prepare transfer of 4.2 to 4.3 for February (SR2 Kepler)
        • Lars invites to WP1 meeting to refine the strategy for non "release train" plugins (e.g. ARTOP)
      • WP2: Stephan Eberle: Status Sphinx
        • Decission: Rename to "Modeling Platform" and extend scope to any support activities for modeling management (including workspace management)
        • With Luna, Sphinx will be part of the release train
        • There will be an ARTOP version for kepler with the release of kepler SR2
        • New version of EMF Compare not yet integrated for Sphinx
        • Sphinx will contain deliveries from WP6
      • WP3: Ignacio Garro
        • C refactoring features.
          • Good improvements in the last versions. (>CDT 8.0)
          • CDT 8.2 stays backwards compatible to eclipse 3.8.2
        • Memory map extraction
          • Conti shared requirements in eclipselabs. Bosch reviewed.
          • Bosch provided proposal for global format. Conti review pending.
          • Looking for partner in compiler development area.
        • Current focus points Conti concerning CDT
          • Continuous Integration
            • Call of commands on a running workspace / workspace switch (see WP6).
            • Tools / plug-in delivery. Versioning.
      • WP5: Oscar Slotosch
      • WP6: Christoph Hammel
        • First contribution over eclipselabs is being prepared (Jan-Feb)
        • Looking for partners and interesents for the project
        • Will be part of sphinx in the future
  • 11:30 Tool-Qualification Roadmap. Oscar Slotosch (Validas)
  • 12:00 EATOP. Stephan Eberle (itemis)
    • EATOP is an eclipse framework for the development of EAST-ADL models
    • EATOP uses the same sphinx basis as ARTOP
    • EATOP will directly be moved to an eclipse project

  • 12:30 Lunch break

  • 13:30 Franca/Genivi. Klaus Birken (itemis)
  • 14:00 Discussion about new possible activities.

  • 14:30 Common Session with polarsys group
    • ARCON
    • CHESS
    • AMALTHEA status update / AMALTHEA4Public overview (H. Mackamul, K. Topp)
    • POP
    • Build Framework
    • Tooling interfaces


  • On the afternoon (14:30 - ) we will have a common session with the polarsys colleagues.


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