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Auto IWG

Open Source Initiative for Automotive Software Development Tools

This Working Group is no longer active. Content is kept for historical reason


Innovation in the automotive industry is mostly achieved by electronics and software functions. The system automobile is becoming increasingly complex, an open developer tool workbench that extends throughout the supply-chain is becoming a must for the industry. Improvements and innovations to these software development tools are required to accelerate product development, create high quality software features and improve integration across the automotive supply chain.

The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a new open source initiative to define and implement a standard platform for the software development tools used in the automotive industry. The new Eclipse Automotive Working Group will be open to any organizations that want to participate in the goal of establishing a standard tools platform that will be used throughout the automotive supply chain.

  • To provide an infrastructure for tool development required by the automotive industry
  • To address and support the needs for the whole automotive software development cycle
  • To avoid that the same non-competitive basic tool functionality is redeveloped over and over again
  • To join forces and meet current and future requirements in terms of tool runtime performance and memory consumption

The charter of group can be found here.

Organization and Contact

Spokesperson: n/a
IWG Chair: Andreas Graf, itemis AG
Steering Committee: BMW Group, Robert Bosch GmbH, itemis AG

Member Companies

  1. BMW Group
  2. Robert Bosch GmbH
  3. itemis AG
  4. Virtual Vehicle GmbH
  5. EclipseSource
  6. TimingArchitects
  7. Intecs

For more information, contact ralph (dot) mueller (at) eclipse (dot) org

Auto IWG Mailing List

Events, Activities and News

For more information, review this list entry]. Agenda will be published shortly. If you want to add to the agenda, please use the mailing list.

News: APP4MC proposal. The proposal aims to transfer the results and future development of the ITEA Amalthea and Amalthea4Public research activities into an Eclipse open source project

News: EATOP accepted as Eclipse Project in the Modeling Top Level Project

News: Amalthea project applying for second phase at ITEA2

A list of past meetings and meeting minutes is at past Auto IWG Meetings

Work Packages

WP1: Eclipse Automotive Tool Platform

Definition of a common Eclipse Automotive Tool Platform as reference for vendors and users of Eclipse-based automotive software design tools.

More information here: Auto_IWG_WP1

WP2: Big Model Support

Addresses performance and memory consumption issues of existing Eclipse technology when being used processing real-world automotive software engineering models.

More information here: Auto_IWG_WP2

WP3: CDT Extensions

The development of embedded systems in the automotive area has additional requirements to CDT that will be collected, analyzed and supported from this working group.

More information here: Auto_IWG_WP3

WP4: Functional Safety Relevant Development Process and Environment

Focus of this WP shall be to analyze which functions should have a toolchain in a safety environment.

More information here: Auto_IWG_WP4

WP5: Eclipse Qualification Roadmap (DO-330)

Definition of qualification support elements for the functional safety qualification of eclipse based tools.

More information here: Auto_IWG_WP5

WP6: Build Framework

A common build framework to support all the build steps for modern ECU-SW development

More information here: Auto_IWG_WP6

Past News and Articles

Press Release 20. 07. 2011: New Open Source Initiative for Automotive Software Development Tools

Relevant Conferences

More information here: Auto_IWG_Conferences



From F2F Meeting Stuttgart Feb 16, 2012: Minutes, Continental Presentation (EATOP) , Validas Presentation (Tool Qualification Short - ISO 26262), Bosch iCTeam Presentation

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