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Auto IWG

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This is the starting page for the Automotive Industry Working Group at Eclipse.


  • To provide an infrastructure for tool development required by the automotive industry
  • To address and support the needs for the whole automotive software development cycle
  • To avoid that the same non-competitive basic tool functionality is redeveloped over and over again
  • To join forces and meet current and future requirements in terms of tool runtime performance and memory consumption


The following topics are currently under discussion:

  • Defintion of collaboration mode and structure of this IWG
  • Provision of an Eclipse distribution for Automotive Tool Developers

Eclipse distribution for Automotive Tool Developers

A dedicated Eclipse distribution for Automotive Tool Developers could be a first concrete step and deliverable of this IWG. The idea is to identify a set of existing Eclipse projects and components that are typically required and used in automotive tool development and make them available as a new Eclipse distribution at Though not including any automotive specific content yet, we believe that such an Eclipse distribution makes anyway sense because of the following reasons:

  • It points out which Eclipse projects and components are actively used in the automotive industry
  • It gives an orientation regarding the Eclipse release which automotive tool development is typically based on
  • It eases the provision and maintenance of the Eclipse platform required for automotive tool development

It is important to note that such an Eclipse distribution is addressed to automotive tool developers but not to automotive tool users. In other words, it is not meant as something that ECU software developers could use out of the box and find useful. It is intended as starting point and target platform which ECU software tool developers can base their work on. What ECU software developers will eventually be provided with, are mostly the tools resulting for the ECU software tool development plus the dependent parts of the Eclipse Tool Developer distribution.

Based on the current state of discussion the following Eclipse projects and components have been deemed relevant to an Eclipse distribution for Automotive Tool Developers:

From Artop (see [1]):

* Eclipse SDK 3.4.2 (Ganymede)
* EMF Query SDK 1.2.0
* EMF Transaction SDK 1.2.3
* EMF Validation SDK 1.2.1
* GEF SDK 3.4.2
* GMF SDK 2.1.3
* MDT OCL SDK 1.2.3
* MDT UML2 SDK 2.2.2
* Orbit R20080807152315
  - org.apache.commons.lang 2.3.0
  - org.jdom 1.0.0

Additional projects and components from EDONA (see [2]):

* Acceleo 2.4.0 SDK
* Antlr 4.1.1
* M2M ATL SDK 2.0.2
* M2T MTL SDK 0.7.0RC1
* Papyrus 1.11.0
  - Papyrus EADL
  - Papyrus SYSML 1.1.5

Additional projects and components requested by IWG members:

  • CDT, oAW, etc.
  • t.b.d.

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