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August 2015 Status Meetings


Robert - Working on the viz geometry service refactor.
Kasper - Working on the Reflectivity UI, creating a new Properties tab for editing table values.
Taylor - Setting up NEK example for EC2.
Dasha - Working on the ICE brochure, and prepping ICE USB sticks and stickers.
Erica - Working on the SULI poster, continuing work on final paper.
Elizabeth - Working on the SULI poster, continuing work on final paper.


Elizabeth - Working on SULI final paper.
Erica - Working on SULI final paper.
Robert - Working on the new mesh editor viz service.
Kasper - Cleaning up the Reflectivity UI and fixing bugs.
Taylor - Working on setting up Nek5000 launch on EC2.
Jordan - Merging the paraview branch into master, cleaning up all viz documentation.


Jay - Testing out new project support and automatic bundle version updates.
Dasha - Working on MOOSE Clone action.
Robert - Finishing up the refactor of the mesh viz service. Moving and refactoring mesh tests.
Jordan - Working on the color scale classes. Cleaning up existing bugs in viz architecture.
Tony - Working on JavaFX camera implementation.
Andrew - Working on EMFTreeComposite load.
Hari - Added local/remote screenshot widget. Updating color map widget.


Andrew - Working on BatML Model loading. Looking into bug with loading XML schemas from bundle.
Dasha - Working on the mars target issues.
Jordan - Finishing up the color scale cleanup. Starting on HDF5 cleanup and redesign.
Robert - Getting the mesh refactor branch to build. Merging master into geometry viz service refactor.


Robert - Working on Mesh Viz Service build, merging master into the geometry service branch.
Dasha - Working on the mars target issues. Merging latest in ICE into fork.
Jordan - Researching HDF IO refactor for Reactor Analyzer.
Andrew - Wokring on issues with EMF TreeViewer.


Jay - Converting Client OSGi services to use extension points for project-based Item loading. Working with Ray to fix build issues.
Taylor - Fixing a bug in the Nek Model Builder related to REA file writing.
Robert - Updating code audit for viz refactor, researching Reactor Editor, holding code review today.
Hari - Adding image/movie local persistence functionality for remote visualizations.


Dasha - Working on the Clone MOOSE Activity, particularly the wizard and wizard page.
Taylor - Working on the Nek Model Builder bug.
Jordan - Working on the LWR HDF5 IO classes.
Andrew - Working on EMF Tree Composite and UI JFace bug.


Dasha - Updating the Clone MOOSE handler with Logger changes. Working on EGit integration.
Jordan - Working on getting Paraview viz branch stable for demo. Working on HDF5 refactor.
Taylor - Updating participant instructions in Morae. Looking on to Nek Model builder bug.
Andrew - Working on JFace/EMFTree UI bug.


Jay - Working on random administrative tasks.
Taylor - Updating participant instructions in Morae. Looking on to Nek Model builder bug.
Jordan - Working on the HDF5 IO refactor.
Dasha - Finished Fork MOOSE Handler, creating SWTBot Handler.
Hari - Working on visit java client updates and bug fixes.


Jay - Mesh editor review. Looking at TableViewer bug.
Taylor - Updating Morae instructions. Working Nek5000 bug.
Jordan - Looking at TableViewer bug. Cleaning up HDF5 stuff.
Dasha - Writing tests for MOOSE utilities.
Andrew - Putting in custom view for the BatML model.
Ray - Fixing build errors. Working on UI mockups.
Robert - Working on the MeshEditor merge. Redesign the reactor stuff.
Hari - Getting client and server version synced up.

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