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Archiva Search Integration

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IAM now supports searching for dependencies in any Apache Archiva managed repository, real time. In order to enjoy this feature, you need to run Archiva 1.2 or higher.


Familiarity on archiva usage.


  1. Eclipse with IAM installed in it.
  2. Running instance of archiva. Use archiva-trunk . Archiva 1.2-M1 is not a full blown release to support web service. Below are the steps to run an instance of archiva-trunk
~\archiva-modules\archiva-web\archiva-webapp\mvn jetty:run-war -Dmaven.test.skip=true
  1. You need to add a repository and then index that repository or upload artifact to any managed repository since the bundled repository of archiva is empty at first execution.

How To

In eclipse, go to Window->Preferences->Maven->Artifact Search->Archiva Artifact Search Preferences and fillthe required information.

Url url of archiva instance. ex. http://localhost:9091
Username and Password allowed username and password.
Connection Timeout (milliseconds) If iam cannot connect to the url above w/in the supplied time, an exception will be thrown and empty list is returned.
Response Timeout (milliseconds) If the server response exceeded the supplied time, an exception will be thrown and empty list is returned.

For testing purpose, you can disable other search providers by going to Window->Preferences->Maven->Artifact Search-> and ensure that on Archiva Artifact Search Provider is the only item that is checked.

You can perform searching artifacts by going to Search->Search->Artifact Search


Or from depedency lookup dialog. Right click a maven project then click Maven 2->Manage Dependencies->New->... then enter any criteria eg. org


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