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Architecture Council/Meetings/Nov 18 2008 F2F ESE 2008

Tentative Agenda for an AC Face-to-face meeting at ESE 2008


  • Participants
    • Martin Oberhuber, Wind River -- arrive Mon 17-Nov morning -- depart Thu 20-Nov afternoon -- hotel Blauzeit
    • Wayne Beaton
    • Doug Clarke, Oracle -- Arrive Monday around noon -- depart Friday morning - ?
    • Brian Fitzpatrick, Sybase -- arrive Tuesday 18-Nov afternoon -- depart Fri 21-Nov morning -- hotel Nestor
    • Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Eclipse -- hotel Nestor
    • Richard Gronback, Borland -- arrive Tuesday 18-Nov afternoon -- depart Thu 21-Nov afternoon -- hotel Nestor
    • Doug Gaff, Wind River -- Arrive Monday around noon -- depart Saturday morning - Nestor
    • Oisin Hurley, IONA -- arrive Tuesday 18-Nov midday -- depart Thu 20-Nov afternoon -- hotel Nestor
    • Markus Knauer, Innoopract -- available during the week and without hotel
    • Ed Merks, Macro Modeling-- arrive Sunday 16-Nov afternoon -- depart Saturday 22-Nov morning-- hotel Nestor
    • Doug Schaefer, Wind River -- Arrive Sunday 16-Nov noonish -- depart Friday 21-Nov morning -- Nestor
    • Georg Schmidt, brox IT-Solutions GmbH -- arrive Tue 18-Nov evening or Wen 19-Oct morning -- depart Friday 21-Nov evening -- hotel TBD
    • Tom Schindl, arrive Sunday 16-Nov afternoon -- depart Thu 20-Nov afternoon-- hotel Nestor
    • Karsten Schmidt, SAP -- will be there on Monday afternoon and on Wednesday / Thursday. Tuesday and hotel / travel tbd
  • Tentative
  • Regrets
    • Neil Hauge, John Arthorne, David Carver, McQ, Tom Watson, Eugene Chan, Darin Swanson, Oliver E. Cole, Darin Wright, Andrew Overholt, Mary Ruddy, Boris Bokowski

Date, Time and Location

  • Confirmed: Tuesday 18-Nov 19:00 dinner together at hotel nestor.
  • It will be an informal meeting in the sense that we won't make any decisions since not enough members will be available.
  • We will, however, have an agenda and chat about a few things relevant to the AC.


  • Mentorship: Talk about the rationale, process and advantages of mentorship. Result of the sessions should be an actual Wiki page about mentorship (somebody to bring a Laptop to edit).
  • AC Web Appearance: Improve the AC Wiki to have important information better highlighted (e.g. how to report an AC bug, how to ask for a mentor) and make the visual appearance more pleasant. Also, improving and clarifying the self-description of what the AC is.
  • Threats of unmanageably large number of dependencies - RT, SMILA and consumed non-Eclipse libraries (Georg Schmidt)
  • Reducing Bloat - How to improve re-use of functionality across all of Eclipse
  • Interfacing with (L)GPL'd libs - what we can or can't do, and how to approach the Board
  • Chat with Bjorn about the "new" vs. the "old" AC
  • Improving our Architecture/Links Collection

Attendees feel free to add more points on the Agenda!


Open discussion here. Feel free to add anything.

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