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Architecture Council/Meetings/March 27 2012 Breakfast

AC Breakfast, EclipseCon 2012


  • Gunnar Wagenknecht, John Arthorne, Kim Moir, Andrew Overholt, Martin O, Cedric Brun


  • Builds, and Project Infrastructure getting finally unified - good !
  • With the Eclipse Ecosystem becoming more and more diverse, what's still the unifying attributes of Eclipse ?
    • The EPL
    • IP due diligence
    • The community - the folk we know and come to appreciate
    • The Brand
    • The infrastructure (homepage, wiki, bugzilla, ...) but there's other options too eg Sourceforge, github
  • How to maintain high Platform Quality with more and more Platform old-timers moving away ?
    • Stephan Herrman (OT/Java project lead, who also earned "top contributor award this year) asked this the other day
    • Grow fresh committers? But how to be attractive ? GSoC system ?
    • Reward Community for tasks such as bug triage ?
    • Thinking about a Bounty system for bug fixes ?
      • But how to ensure patches get reviewed properly, and architectural integrity is maintained ?
    • Maybe a funding system where multiple Eclipse Member Companies would pay some fraction of a committer's wages and another company ( hosts that committer?
      • This sounds essentially like "Service Company" in LTS

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