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Architecture Council/Meetings/March 14 2019

Meeting Title: Architecture Council Monthly Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday March 14, 2019 at 1100 Ottawa
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Agenda / Notes

Update from EMO (Wayne/Gunnar):

  • No major update from Wayne and Gunnar. We just re-iterated on the improvements of the revised EDP and noted that the new release process is in effect.
  • Feedback was provided during the call about the the new release process:
    • projects need better visibility whether a release review is required or not
    • one suggestion was to provide additional information perhaps within the project handbook
    • Wayne would like to make it visible in PMI when creating/editing a release record but this requires more time
  • No update on IP tooling infrastructure. There has been a bit of a delay and it's taking longer than expected. Wayne would like to brief the AC at some point. There is no action item for AC right now.

Infrastructure Update (Denis):

  • The GitHub Pull-Request validation hook has been replaced with a new GitHub app
    • It's more reliable and provides a better experience
  • CBI migrations to Jiro (and: what is Jiro)
    • the build infrastructure started migrating towards a Kubernetes clusters
    • Jiro == Jenkins Instance Running on OpenShift
    • project JIPPs will be migrated individually
    • projects need to support the migration (please do!)
    • acquired additional compute power for the build infrastructure
    • freed up JIPP hosts will also join the build infrastructure
    • Q: what help is need from projects for JIPP -> Jiro migration
      • A: only testing/validating
    • Q: will projects be able to provide customized containers?
      • A: yes
    • limits exists around capacity for projects
    • the Kubernetes cluster is used exclusively for build, not for project services/hosting
    • Q: is the build Linux only or will other operating system be supported?
      • A: not possible yet, Linux only; the Webmasters are hoping to integrate Windows and Mac at some point

For follow up question about Jiro and/or help please reach out via the CBI mailing list


  • Q: Can projects request their own GitHub organization?
    • A: Yes, this is supported. Please open a bug via Community > GitHub. However, please note that this requires Webmaster time and needs to be carefully scheduled. There will be requirements that must be met (eg., branding, accountability).

Last meeting: Architecture Council/Meetings/January 10 2019

Action Items

  • n/a

Next Meeting

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