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Architecture Council/Meetings/January 13 2011

Meeting Title: Architecture Council Monthly Meeting
Date & Time: Thursday January 13, 2011 at 1600 UTC / 0800 SFO / 1100 Ottawa / 1600 London / 1700 Berlin attention DST change
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Dial-in: NEW Canada 1-877-727-8553 toll free / 1-416-840-9801 caller paid
NEW U.S. 1-866-394-4146 toll free / 1-480-629-1624 caller paid
NEW passcode 428029063


  • Regrets: Oliver Cole (standing conflict), Wenfeng Li (standing conflict)
  • Signed-up: Achim Loerke, Kim Moir, Doug Schaefer, Andrew Overholt, Kenn Hussey, Wayne Beaton, Linda Chan
  • Lots of people had issues dialing in (at least on the US number)
    • Wayne asking for hints to find better service provider (or Strategic Member to donate some conf calling service)

Agenda / Notes

Keybinding Conflits

  • Andrew: Keybinding conflicts in release train
    • Linuxtools plugin for generating gnu-style changelog (Ctrl+Alt+C, Ctrl+Alt+P) - now in conflict with Subversive / eGit
    • Something to check conflicts in the Release train (Martin: can this be done statically?) eg just lump in all of Indigo and look at the errorlog / or grep plugin.xml
    • Doug: Emacs vs Default Keybindings; bigger issue is that interoperability suffers as more and more plugins are installed
    • Martin: In the end, keybindings are the responsibility of product builders. Must be possible to modify keybindings in a particular lineup.
    • RESOLUTION: AI Andrew install as much of Indigo as possible and look at the errorlog
    • I looked at this and ran into problems installing (see bug 336837. I will pursue this.


  • Wayne: Use of Eclipse-SourceReferences: in bundle manifests
    • Couple requests recently for "how do we find the source" (point customers to the exact repo what's been shipping)
    • Eclipse Platform and TM use it, but few other projects
      • Information: PDE Build supports it for CVS; Athena CBI and Buckminster don't; don't know about b3 and Tycho
      • Support for providers only than CVS has only been added to 3.7 recently
    • More interesting related to git
    • Doug expected being able to generate a patch against downloaded source bundles .. a variant of the original request
    • Council agrees that this is a great idea.
      • AI Kim talk to Andrew Niefer find state of SCM's other than CVS
      • Martin thinks it would be great for Subversive and egit to jump on this NOW
      • AI Wayne talk to Jason re Tycho; b3
    • Martin activated this in Orbit as per bug 331827

News from the EMO

  • News from the Board, EMO and Councils
    • DSDP move seems complete; STP termination review still pending (moved to SOA); TPTP decided to resign after SR2
    • Terminated a handful tech projects; creating new projects at a relatively slow pace
    • IP team lost Barb - decided to not do any more moves until end of the release train; register important CQ's ASAP!
    • IP Tools: working on a feature to submit to ipzilla directly... coming along incrementally, looking for volunteers
    • Hope the value of this is that it's easier than the automated online version (and not as buggy)


  • Eclipsecon
    • Martin proposes PC + STAC meeting on Sunday, plus AC Breakfast on Monday morning

Next Meeting

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