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Apr 8 RSA F2F Agenda

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Higgins face-to-face meeting in San Fransicsco, Utah, April 8, 2008. 8:00am-1:00pm:


  • Location:

IBM San Francisco

425 Market Street

Room: SFC-5761-20-20340/West Area (San Francisco/Bldg. 5761/20th Flr/Room 20340).

4/8 8:00am-1:00pm:

Expected Attendees

  1. Dale Olds - Novell
  2. Mary Ruddy - SocialPhysics/Meristic
  3. Paul Trevithick - SocialPhysics/Parity
  4. Tony Nadalin - Bandit
  5. Bruce Rich - IBM
  6. Drummond Reed - Cordance/Parity



The agenda as proposed on this wiki page is just a place to start. Usually we rearrange and adjust the topics as the meeting progresses. We take notes right in this wiki page. If a demo is included it is in the topic's title line "[DEMO]". If the topic can't be moved there should be a bullet.

We will track at least the agenda on the #Higgins IRC channel. If you wish to call in for an agenda item, please let us know on the #higgins IRC channel and we'll set up a conference bridge. The conference bridge number will be 888-457-5984, passcode 5849826

8:00-8:20 Welcome, Introductions, Logistics [Tony, Paul, Mary,]

  • Introductions
  • Eclipse ground rules
  • Logistics
    • We will post the current agenda item to #higgins
      • Need IRC Scribes: Mike and Jim volunteered
    • Will take notes onto this Wiki
      • Need Wiki Scribes (we'll decide per session)

Agenda TBD

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