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Aperi Development Status Meeting 01/15/07

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IBM (Bill Warren, Brenda Haynes, Craig Laverone, Chris King, Christoph Reichert, Dave Wolfe, Hans Lin, Khan Tasinga, Marcus Siegmund, Ophelia Yip, Rodica Ciurea, Simona Constantin, Ted Slupesky, Todd Singleton, Tom Guinane, Yolanda Martinez)


  • Project Leader Notes (Ted)
    • Release 0.2:
      • R2 posted on the web! Congratulations and thank you to the team for getting this release out!
    • Release 0.3:
      • Todd will post the WEF design document to aperi-dev later this week.
      • Khan to post a series of how to questions for documentation of his component on aperi-dev
      • API documentation should be posted this week to the wiki under the Architecture section.
    • Release 0.4:
      • Craig will post a note to aperi-dev regarding a description of R4
    • John Tyrrell is still working on providing use cases
  • Release Engineer Notes (Todd)
    • Build did not run last night – Todd to check
  • Aperi Downloads
  • Project Schedule:
    • Latest Schedule Updates made in the file.
  • IDVT
    • Test Status
    • IDVT completed last week. The remaining high severity defects have been fixed and verified.
    • Hans downloaded the Aperi R0.2 code from the Eclipse site and followed the installation instructions to download the 3rd party libraries, ran a quick smoke test, and verified that it functions properly.
    • The IDVT Exit Report has been completed and is out on wiki.
    • Team to start using the ‘Version’ field of Bugzilla to track what level of the code a bug was found.
    • Tom to look at what other Eclipse projects are using to test their code and report back to the team.
  • ID
  • Action Items
Item Owner Target Status
Third Party Dependency Questionnaire Tom 11/30/06 Questionnaires submitted 9/6. - Utilizing the IP Log to track the individual IPZilla entries for each Third Party Contribution Questionnaire.
  • Other:
    • Eclipse Con., Santa Clara, March 5-8 2007, Remaining KEY DATES:
      • January 15th - Short Talks and Demos proposals must be in.</li>
      • January 30th - Short Talks and Demos chosen.</li>
      • February 14th - Early registration deadline
      • March 1st - Late registration deadline
    • Next Meeting will be January 22
  • Open Forum
    • Note from Bjorn - Technology projects workshop
      • Aperi should participate
      • Craig volunteered to go.
    • Tomorrow’s meeting:
      • Ted will be on a plane. Tom to run
      • Topics:
        • API Documentation
        • Porting tracks from 3.x
        • GUI Help (Eclipse vs Java help)
        • Meeting attendance
          • We get more non-IBM attendees on Monday’s call than Tuesday’s call. Would like to know if the day and time is inconvenient, or it is a content issue. Put out for discussion.

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