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Android Selector 1.1


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This page describes the Android solution being developed for Higgins 1.1


This is a standalone Android application that can be launched automatically from a relying party website.

End User Perspective

The Android I-Card Selector allows users to use their I-Cards at relying parties.

This component only works at relying parties that explicitly support it.

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Coming soon...


The Android I-Card Selector uses the following settings:

  • end point of I-Card Service
  • username and password of existing account

Deployer Perspective


The projects are:

  • app/
  • app/
  • app/

These projects can be checked out from the Eclipse repository at the following SVN URIs:

In order to build the Android I-Card Selector, you need the following:

To build all in Eclipse you need the following steps:

  • Check out all these projects from SVN (you can do it with Subversive plug-in).
  • Add ksoap2-android library into the classpath of service project.
  • Build Selector and Service.
  • Set up ANDROID_BUILD_TOP and ANDROID_SDK variables in the properties of NPAPI (Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Environment).
  • Build NPAPI (with run Android emulator or device).

Developer Perspective


Android selector 1.1.101.png
(Diagram Key)

Components, Packages & Services



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