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Android Selector 1.1

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This is a standalone Android application that can be launched both from the Android main menu and from a relying party website.


This page describes the Android solution being developed for Higgins 1.1

End User Perspective

The Android I-Card Selector allows users to manage, preview and delete i-cards, as well as to select and use them at relying parties.

This component only works at relying parties that explicitly support it. See the Relying Parties section of this page for more information.

Deployer Perspective


The projects are:

  • app/
  • app/
  • app/

These projects can be checked out from the Eclipse repository at the following SVN URIs:

In order to build the Android I-Card Selector, you need the following:

Developer Perspective


Android selector 1.1.101.png
(Diagram Key)

Components, Packages & Services



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