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Android Selector 1.1

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The Android Selector 1.1 allows users to login to websites by auto-filling un/pw fields from their Android mobile device.

Although we call this solution a selector it does NOT currently support the IMI protocol, only un/pw form filling. The Username/password data is persisted on (non-IMI-compliant) cards on a hosted I-Card Service.


This page describes the Android solution being developed for Higgins 1.1

End User Perspective

<to be written>

Deployer Perspective


The projects are:

  • app/
  • app/
  • app/

These projects can be checked out from the Eclipse repository at the following SVN URIs:

In order to build the Android I-Card Selector, you need the following:

Developer Perspective


Android selector 1.1.101.png
(Diagram Key)

Components, Packages & Services



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