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An auto-configuration plugin for Eclipse

This project aims to design an Eclipse plugin that allows the binaries required by other Eclipse plugins to be automatically located.

Project Lead:

  • Ogechi Nnadi (IRC: onnadi3)


This is one of the selected projects for Google's Summer of Code program in 2007. The original application can be found here.

Meeting Time

We meet on Saturdays at 9:30am EDT/7:00pm IST in the #eclipse-soc channel on


  • 1 June 2007 Create a compilable plug-in in the cvs repository that takes a collection of possible URIs and returns any JDKs found in those locations.

Applications / Services that should be detected

  • JDK/JRE, GCC, Python, Perl, etc.
    • Blobs of documentation (javadoc, PoD, Doxygen), preferably linked to the resources they document
  • Apache Http server, Apache Tomcat, Jetty
  • bzip2,gzip,rar,arj,... (for deployment and browsing into archives)
    • An EFS provider that allows browsing into such archives like folders might be a nice side project
  • Cygwin (including auto-detect of cygwin mount points and path translation)
    • An EFS provider that shows the cygwin local filesystem might be a nice side project

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