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You can try out the [[ JRE Finder example]]
You can try out the [[ JRE Finder example]]
* 9 July 2007
# Make JREFinder check in a few places for JREs
# Package it as a feature
# Add to SoC CVS
# Write the "jdt preference injector" which injects discovered values into the corresponding jdt preferences.
*23 June 2007 implement a simple JRE finder using the interfaces from [[ECF Discovery API Bundle | ecf.discovery]]
*6 June 2007 Implement a simple fs finder connected to org.eclipse.discovery via an OSGi service, and  an exemplary consumer that uses this finder to discover JDKs.
*1 June 2007 Create a compilable plug-in in the cvs repository  that takes a collection of possible URIs and returns any JDKs found in those locations.
Create a scheme for uniquely identifying different programs and different versions of those
Functional Integrated Testing (FIT)
==Updated timeline (draft)==
Wk. 8: Release the Discovery update site
Wks. 9 & 10: Create another finder/injector pair
Wk. 11: Abstract commonly occurring code into a utility package
Wk. 12: Polish all code and publish
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[ Resolved bugs in Discovery]
[ Resolved bugs in Discovery]
==Applications / Services that should be detected==
*JDK/JRE, GCC, Python, Perl, etc.
**Blobs of documentation (javadoc, PoD, Doxygen), preferably linked to the resources they document
*Apache Http server, Apache Tomcat, Jetty
*bzip2,gzip,rar,arj,... (for deployment and browsing into archives)
** An EFS provider that allows browsing into such archives like folders might be a nice side project
*Cygwin (including auto-detect of cygwin mount points and path translation)
** An EFS provider that shows the cygwin local filesystem might be a nice side project

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This project aims to design an Eclipse plugin that allows the binaries required by other Eclipse plugins to be automatically located. The source code shall be released under the Eclipse Public License. This is one of the selected projects for the 2007 Google Summer of Code. The original application can be found here. All Bugs filed against Discovery are available in Bugzilla.

Project Lead:



We meet on Saturdays at 9:30am EDT/3:30pm CEST in the #eclipse-soc channel on Meeting has been rescheduled permanently to Mondays at 11:30amEDT/5:30pm CEST.

Here are open issues to discuss.

Here are our current meeting logs. Here are the older logs 1, older logs 2, older logs 3.


An old version of our code is currently hosted in the eclipse-incub project at SourceForge, under the module name, service-discovery. The most up-to-date version can be found in the CVS repository at .

You can try out the [JRE Finder example]


Open bugs against Discovery

Resolved bugs in Discovery

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