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Albireo Project

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The Albireo project builds on the SWT_AWT bridge to provide more complete Swing/SWT integration, resulting in a better "out-of-the-box" experience and more credibility for the entire notion of Swing/SWT integration.

Project Documents

  • See the project page for a more detailed description on the project.
  • Download the latest Albireo alpha release.
  • Install Albireo in your environment.
  • Before the project and its mailing list were created, discussions took place in the newsgroup (comparable to a mailing list). The newsgroup access is password-protected; you get a login and password here.
  • The source code is available through CVS. You can get it using the normal CVS procedure using the CVS "root" and the CVS "module" org.eclipse.albireo. It can also be viewed online.

Albireo Implementation Documents

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