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Agent Broker

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The Agent Broker launches the appropriate Identity Agent on behalf of the user based on the user's preference.

<We need to create an API such that applications such as browsers can use to launch the Agent Broker. The broker needs a simple interface for configuration. The broker should be able to launch the Higgins agents as well as CardSpace. Developers can write their applications to just talk to this broker and no longer be bound to the specifics of any particular identity agent>

<jimse> So, it looks like we have these components:

  • Broker Launcher Library
    • This is a simple API (library)
    • What languages are needed?
    • What communications protocol/method is used to launch the broker?
  • Specific Broker Launchers
    • One for each browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, etc.)
    • Any application-specific launchers?
  • Broker
    • Roles described above
    • Do we need this in different languages?
    • If lang is C/C++, do we need binaries?
  • Selectors

Should we refer to a deployment (the combination of the broker launcher, the broker, and the selector) as an "Identity Agent"? </jimse>

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