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Accessibility Features in Eclipse

The Eclipse Help System contains information on Eclipse's Accessibility Features, Keyboard Navigation, and Text Editing Options.

A popup list of currently-assigned keystrokes can be accessed by selecting Key Assist... from the Eclipse Help menu, or by typing Control+Shift+L on Windows and Linux platforms, or Command+Shift+L on a Mac.

Writing Accessible Eclipse Plug-ins

Note: All materials provided are useful, but some may predate the Eclipse accessibility API upgrade which occurred with the release of Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) in June, 2010.





Eclipse is an open source project. Testing, bug filing/triage, documentation and code contributions to the accessibility support are very welcome and greatly appreciated.

When you run into an issue, check the Eclipse accessibility bug list.

If your issue isn't in the list, file an Eclipse accessibility bug.

For questions or more information, please use the SWT newsgroup -- accessibility issues will be forwarded to the right person to answer them.

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