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Eclipse Modeling Runaway 2010

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The Android tutorial will use the prototype based approach in order to realize an Android generator. We will start with a small Android application that will be used to parameterized an Acceleo generator that we will improve so as to transform it into a generic Android application. Then we will create different model of Android applications that will be generated without any changes to our generator. Finally, we will see how to seamlessly integrate this generator within Eclipse. This presentation has been realized by Jonathan Musset during EclipseCon 2010. Acceleo at Eclipse Modeling Runaway 2010

Topcased Days 2011

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In this video, you will be able to discover all the features available in Acceleo 3. We will see how to manage a code generation project with Acceleo. From the initialization of your generators to their deployment and their debugging, you will see how to Acceleo can help you to handle the problem that you can encounter. This presentation also features the first public presentation of the new version of Obeo Traceability, an Eclipse based tool used to improve the management of Acceleo generation. This presentation has been realized by Stephane Begaudeau during the Topcased Days 2011. Acceleo at the Topcased Days 2011

Code Generation 2011

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In this video, Stéphane Bégaudeau presents Acceleo's basic concepts, how it was created, how it can be improved, deployed, and used. This presentation has been realized by Stephane Begaudeau during Code Generation 2011. And You Thought You Knew Template-based Generators?

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