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* Stephane Begaudeau: and
* Stephane Begaudeau: and
= Twitter =
[[Image:AcceleoTwitter.png|frame|none|alt=alt text|The Officiel twitter account of the Acceleo dev' team.]]
* The official twitter account of the Acceleo dev' team: [ @acceleo]
* Stephane Begaudeau [ @sbegaudeau]
* Mariot Chauvin [ @mchv]
The best way to contact the Acceleo dev' team in case of a problem is to use the official eclipse forum. In this forum, you should start the title of your message by [Acceleo] to make things easier. You can find the forum [ here]

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You can find some informations about Acceleo on the blog of some members of the Acceleo dev' team.

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