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Acceleo is based on three separate components: the compiler, the generation engine and the tooling. The acceleo runtime is composed of the generation engine and the compiler.


The Acceleo compiler can be found in the bundle org.eclipse.acceleo.parser. In this bundle, you can use the class AcceleoParser to parse a "mtl" file and return the root of the "emtl" file. That root can then be serialized in a file with the "emtl" extension. You can see in the next screenshot a small Java program to call programmatically the Acceleo compiler.

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Generation engine

The generation engine can launch an Acceleo generation from an Acceleo module and and EMF model. You can see in the next screenshot a small Java program to call the Acceleo engine.

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Customization of the generator

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Embedding the generator

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Stand alone

The Acceleo runtime can be used in a stand alone environment without any dependencies to the Eclipse IDE, as such it can be embedded in a good old Java application.

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