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==French Forum==
==French Forum==
[ Forum for French speacking Acceleo users]
[ Forum for French speaking Acceleo users]
=Stack Overflow=
=Stack Overflow=

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For those who have some questions about Acceleo, the M2T newsgroup is the place to come for answer. In this forum, you will quickly find dozens of questions asked by the community with some precious answers. The place is also monitored by the members of the Acceleo dev' team to help you get trough troubles that you could encountered.

alt text
screenshot of the M2T newsgroup

Please be as precise as possible in case of a problem, and do not forget to put a tag on your message to help everyone, including the members of the Acceleo dev' team, to find your message quickly.

French Forum

Forum for French speaking Acceleo users

Stack Overflow

You can also ask questions about Acceleo on the website Stack Overflow.

Stack overflow

This website is also monitored by the Acceleo dev' team so if you want a quick answer please tag your question with the "acceleo" tag.

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