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Acceleo Release Checklist

Tasks Acceleo 3.2.0 Acceleo 3.2.1
Test stand alone generation OK OK
Test Mac OS OK OK
Check Acceleo Features (version number, licence, logo, etc) OK OK
Tests iterator (i) OK OK
Tests properties files OK OK
Tests debugger OK OK
Tests build PDE/Ant OK OK
Tests build Maven/Tycho OK OK
Tests dynamic modules OK OK
Tests traceability OK OK
Tests examples OK OK
Tests generator with the metamodel deployed (UML to Java Obeo Network) OK OK
Tests generator with the metamodel in the workspace binary and XMI (DSL to Scala Obeo Network) OK OK
Tests Acceleo on Eclipse 3.4.2 OK but 358885 OK but 358885
Tests Acceleo on Eclipse 3.5.2 OK OK
Tests Acceleo on Eclipse 3.6.2 OK OK
Tests Acceleo on Eclipse 3.7.2 OK OK
Tests Acceleo on Eclipse J2EE OK OK
Tests Acceleo on Obeo Designer OK OK
Branch the repository OK OK
Tag the repository OK OK
Request a specific job to build that release (create a bug as a copy of [360951]) OK OK
Install on the Eclipse Modeling Package OK OK
Install with the Eclipse Marketplace OK OK
Install with the Modeling UI OK OK
Release Review OK OK
New and noteworthy OK OK
Update Acceleo website OK OK
Update download page OK OK
Update wikipedia OK OK
Update Eclipse wiki OK OK
Tests the download of the zip files OK OK
Announce the release on the websites and social networks OK OK
Clear the bugzilla of the resolved/fixed bugs OK OK

Acceleo Portal
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Features Acceleo Features · Runtime · Acceleo editor · Views & Perspective · Interpreter · Maven
User documentation Getting Started · User Guide · Acceleo operations reference · OCL operations reference · Text Production Rules · Migration From Acceleo 2.x · Best Practices · Videos · FAQ
Developer documentation Source code · How to contribute · Compatibility · MOFM2T specification · OCL specification
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